A downloadable game for Windows

A project I developed for University.

Special Thanks to Jeanne and Jack for helping me along the way. 

Controller/ Keyboard

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Love From Tom.


Sisyphus Build 0.3.zip 533 MB


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I wish there was a checkpoint after the bridge, if there was I might have made it through the game. 

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Hi Ganondox, sorry the game can be a bit too tricky. I actually released an updated build (0.3) when you download. There is now a campfire a little before the bridge(image below) and I have made the bridge easier to cross. Hopefully you will get on better if you decide to play again!

There is also a checkpoint after the bridge on the firey part, its just on the left after you cross.


i like the story but wayyyy too much effort


Game gave me a new perspective on life, while telling an interesting story. Big props!


Thanks for your kind words, comments like these are really nice to hear!

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Hahaha thankyou for playing! Yes its very hard maybe ill work on making it a bit easier in future. I'll check your video out!

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like this game but think fix make low sensibility ball ..but ok


Awesome work, wouldnt be surprised to see some youtubers playing this in the coming weeks!